Vauxhall has revealed VauxhallConnect, an innovative network service that gives emergency calling, live navigation and remote control features, and will work with the MyVauxhall app.

Available on all new Vauxhalls from October, the service has been launched to keep Vauxhall drivers safe on the road. If the airbags or seatbelt tensioners are deployed in an accident, an emergency call is automatically made from the VauxhallConnect service. If this receives no answer, the service sends details of the accident to the rescue services, including the time and place of the call, as well as the direction of travel. An emergency call can also be made by pressing the red SOS button.

Vauxhall Connect can also report a breakdown call, connecting drivers to the Vauxhall mobility service, and passing on key information such as a location with vehicle diagnostics data. Drivers can also access their vehicle status via the MyVauxhall app, including mileage, average fuel consumption, service intervals and other reminders.

VauxhallConnect works with the MyVauxhall app for the remote control function, allowing for the locking and unlocking of doors from the user’s smartphone. Drivers can also sound the horn or activate the lights of the car with this feature, as a useful way to find the car in a busy car park. With electric Vauxhall models, users can check the charge status of the car, and also pre-programme charging times, climate control or heating via the app.

On the road, the service also allows Vauxhall customers to drive smart, with live navigation information displayed via the colour touchscreen for beating traffic jams. Real-time traffic data is factored into route planning, meaning delays can be quickly detected and avoided. The system suggests alternative routes and calculates a new arrival time, also providing information such as fuel prices, parking spaces and points of interest on the route. Electric Vauxhall models will be loaded with the availability of charging points.

VauxhallConnect will be available as an optional extra for on all Vauxhall models, and is included as standard on Vauxhall models equipped with Multimedia Nav and Multimedia Nav Pro infotainment systems, and on the Corsa-e and Grandland X Hybrid4.

ModelBluetoothe-Callb-CallConnect BoxLive Traffic
New CorsaYesYesYesNavi onlyFree/£250#
New AstraYes£415NoNoNo
Combo LifeYesYesYesNavi / 285*Free/£250#
Mokka XYesNoNoNoNo
Crossland XYesYesYesNavi / £285*Free/£250#
Grandland XYesYesYesNaviFree/£250#
New VivaroYesYesYesNavi / 285*Free/£250#
New MovanoYesTBCNoNoNo