The Volkswagen Group has proceeded to the next round of its Group-wide employee survey. Over the next few weeks, more than 600,000 employees from some 180 companies worldwide will have an opportunity to express their opinion on topics such as cooperation and leadership, information, the workplace and work processes.

Above all, though, their feedback can drive improvements. Each company has a four-week window for participation, at Volkswagen AG this period runs from October 21 to November 17, 2019.

HR Board Member Gunnar Kilian said: “We can only master the transformation of our industry if we cooperate in our company to the very best of our ability. Therefore, the opinion barometer is not just a tool for measuring the mood. It also gives every employee a voice, an opportunity to have their say. That voice will be heard, because once the survey has been completed, all managers are called upon to discuss the results within their teams as well as implementing and documenting improvements that have been agreed. That is how we ensure engagement, transparency and sustainability. We are sending a clear signal: Every one of us can make a difference!”

Kilian also emphasized that the opinion barometer offered the chance to realize employees’ potential and further strengthen their bond with the company: “As an attractive employer, Volkswagen involves employees in important issues. We listen to what they have to say, and we want them to actively drive change, not merely go along with it.”

The 24 questions that make up this year’s opinion barometer cover topics such as work and cooperation within the employees’ own department as well as collaboration among different departments. This includes work processes, the leadership, participation and discussion culture, workload, motivation and development opportunities, and there is a special focus on integrity and compliance.

The questions asked in the opinion barometer are addressed to managers and employees of all Group brands in more than 40 countries. Participation is voluntary and respondents’ anonymity is preserved. Following the completion of evaluation, managers will discuss team results with their respective teams and decide on improvements where these are required. This will be followed by the implementation stage. Measures that have been agreed must be documented transparently, which will also facilitate subsequent improvements.