Vauxhall Motors has aired its new TV advert to build further awareness and consideration for its long-standing partnership with Motability Operations.

Mobility Operations operates the Motability Scheme, which enables people with a disability to use their mobility allowance to lease a new car.

The emotive new advert highlights how for many disabled people, being able to drive, or be driven, means having the independence to go to work, see friends and family and go out for the day.

Set to Nina Simone’s “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free,” the film follows a number of different stories; from a mother laughing on the road with her daughter with Down’s syndrome, a woman enjoying the open road with her wheelchair in the boot, a woman with cerebral palsy and a husband singing with his wife who is blind. All are enjoying the freedom to travel and get out and about.

“This poignant and touching new film fits genuinely with what Vauxhall stands for as a true British brand in the heart of Britain: approachable, inclusive and close to all customer needs,” said Stephen Norman, Managing Director at Vauxhall Motors. “We are also delighted to highlight our work with the Motability Scheme, an association we’ve had for over 40 years.”

To watch the advert, click or search ‘Vauxhall Motability’ for further information.