Southern California-based luxury electric automaker and high-tech incubator Karma Automotive is presenting its new 2020 Karma Revero GT at the Chengdu Motor Show September 5-14, 2019.

Karma’s presence at the Chengdu Motor Show is part of a long-term, comprehensive approach to its global expansion plans which will extend into Asia, Europe and select export markets. As a key emerging international motor show, Karma will use the Chengdu Motor Show to signal the next phase of its plan to launch in China with select imports of the 2019 Revero now, ahead of availability of the new Revero GT in 2021.

“Karma’s New Dawn Rising exhibit at the Chengdu Motor Show, a top emerging international automotive expo, is fundamental to our global expansion plans,” says Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. “As Karma prepares to accelerate company growth and expansion, our open-platform business strategy combines international partners, technology and know-how to create efficiency and enhance long-term brand value as we launch the brand in China and beyond.”

Karma continues to build long-term brand value, through its open-platform business strategy, reaffirming its emergence as a high-tech incubator and growth beyond the traditional role of a car company. The company’s in-house engineering resources will offer industry innovators a test bed to incubate, grow and prove emerging technologies. Partnerships with like-minded collaborators will create company growth opportunities for the five-year-old brand, while the company’s customization and technology expertise will generate new revenue streams.

The 2020 Revero GT is available for preorders through Karma’s North American retail partners, with deliveries starting in the fourth quarter. The 2020 Karma Revero GT has a $135,000 MSRP and features many innovations and enhancements including a freshly-styled exterior, a new BMW twinpower turbo three-cylinder in-line engine to power its onboard electric generator, 536 horsepower with up to 80 miles of battery-powered driving and 360 miles total range.