Southern California-based luxury electric automaker and high-tech incubator Karma Automotive will debut its 2020 Revero GT in Canada this weekend at the 10th Annual Luxury and Supercar Weekend in Vancouver, B.C.

“We are proud to present our new 2020 Karma Revero GT to Vancouver’s discerning luxury customers,” says John Maloney, Karma’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Luxury and Supercar Weekend showcases soul-stirring automotive designs and the latest technologies. Karma’s presence at this prestigious event provides an opportunity to bring our new luxury electric vehicle directly to the Canadian customer for the first time and is a natural follow-up to the Revero GT’s North American debut at Monterey Car Week last month.”

The 2020 Karma Revero GT features an elegant new exterior design along with a refreshed interior comprised of sustainably-sourced high-quality materials, new seats, improved infotainment, and an industry-first haptic steering wheel technology.

A substantial redesign of the Revero GT’s propulsion platform enhances its performance, efficiency, range and comfort. Through engineering innovations, the Karma Revero GT is 357 pounds (162kg) lighter than its predecessor and accelerates from 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. An electric vehicle with an on-board generator, the Karma Revero GT’s battery pack offers 80 miles (129km) of battery-powered driving with 360 miles (580km) total range. The GT features a new BMW three-cylinder in-line engine to power its onboard electric generator, and an all-new transversely mounted, twin-motor rear drive module (RDM) that employs electronic differential controls for cornering.

The Revero GT’s new electric architecture features a responsive driver information system with upgraded controls, an intuitive user interface with more energy-efficient touch screens, and active noise cancellation. In addition, a rear center high-mount taillight serves as both a LED brake light and state-of-charge display that illuminates when the Revero is plugged in to provide a clear indication of charge status from outside the car.

Guests can view the Karma Revero GT at Luxury and Supercar Weekend at Vandusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver B.C., September 7-8. The event is supported by one of Karma’s premiere Canadian retail partners, Karma Vancouver. Pre-orders for the 2020 Revero GT are being accepted now by Karma’s retail network ahead of first customer deliveries in the fourth quarter.

Meet Karma Automotive and Karma Revero GT

Karma Automotive designs, engineers, and markets luxury electric vehicles, all from its Southern California base of operations. Founded in 2014 and employing nearly 1,000 people worldwide, Karma is committed to elevating and growing the luxury mobility experience for its customers and draws on global relationships and technology partners to achieve this. The Revero GT is a luxury electric vehicle powered by dual electric motors that embodies Karma’s goals of offering leading automotive design, technology, customization and an outstanding customer experience. Every Revero GT is created with great individual care and world-class craftsmanship at the Karma Innovation and Customization Center in Moreno Valley, Calif.