Chevrolet’s iconic people and cargo haulers begin a new chapter today with the introduction of the all-new 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban. Each has been redesigned to be the ultimate SUV – offering the most interior space of any SUV, exclusive technologies and features, and the best driving dynamics in the full-size segment.

“There are no vehicles like Tahoe and Suburban – which have starred in Hollywood movies, carried military heroes and world leaders, and helped create countless family memories,” said Barry Engle, executive vice president and president, General Motors North America. “We’ve taken what people love about these pioneering SUVs and made them even better – adding more room for people and cargo, more advanced technology and an unrivaled driving experience.”

This was achieved through a complete transformation of Chevrolet’s full-size SUVs, combining the strongest aspects of its new full-size truck architecture with entirely new systems tailored to the needs of today’s SUV drivers and passengers. These changes result in:

  • Class-leading interior space:
    • Sixty-six percent more cargo room behind the third row for Tahoe, and 19 percent more maximum cargo space behind the first row for Suburban – both best-in-class
    • Ten additional inches (254 mm) of third-row legroom for Tahoe
  • Dramatically improved driving dynamics:
    • The most advanced suspension in the segment, with an independent rear suspension paired with available Magnetic Ride Control and first-in-class Air Ride Adaptive Suspension
    • New Air Ride Adaptive Suspension offers load leveling at all four corners of the vehicle, and up to 4 inches (102 mm) of ride-height adjustment
  • An entirely new SUV-specific interior offering up to five display screens in total:
    • Standard 10-inch (254 mm) diagonal central color touchscreen, the largest in its segment
    • Available 8-inch (203 mm) diagonal instrument cluster
    • Available 15-inch (381 mm) Head-Up Display, which no competitor offers
    • Available dual 12.6-inch (320 mm) diagonal rear-seat LCD displays, part of the segment’s most advanced rear-seat media system
  • Thirty safety and driver convenience features, highlighted by standard Automatic Emergency Braking1 and new features, including HD Surround Vision¹ and Rear Pedestrian Alert1
  • Technologies to optimize performance and efficiency, including:
    • All-new 3.0L Duramax turbo-diesel engine, delivering an unprecedented combination of refinement, performance and efficiency
    • Updated V-8 engines with Dynamic Fuel Management, including the available 6.2L V-8 offering best-in-class 420 horsepower
    • Standard 10-speed automatic transmission for all engines with push-button electronic shift
  • Best-in-class nine camera views and new trailering features designed to help improve the driver’s experience and confidence, including trailer profiles, trailer tire pressure/temperature monitoring and Side Blind Zone Alert1 for trailering

“With an increasing number of SUVs on the market, we knew the all-new Tahoe and Suburban needed to reach higher than ever,” said Tim Herrick, vice president, global product programs. “We transformed Tahoe and Suburban to offer all-new technologies and features and deliver a better driving experience, while staying true to the versatility and capability that have earned people’s trust for generations.”   

The 2021 Tahoe and Suburban go on sale in mid-2020 in North America, joining the new Silverado and Silverado HD to completely redesign Chevrolet’s full-size truck and SUV lineup within 24 months.

Ultimate SUVs built on an all-new chassis
The changes for the all-new Tahoe and Suburban began with a new architecture featuring an independent rear suspension and longer wheelbase. The new architecture targeted improvements central to the needs of full-size SUV customers, including passenger accommodations, cargo capacity, driving dynamics and exterior proportions.

The longer wheelbase and new chassis systems create greater ride smoothness, particularly on uneven pavement and unpaved surfaces, with improved handling. The vehicles’ load floors are significantly lower, providing a more natural seating position and a remarkable gain of 10 inches (254 mm) of third-row legroom, with big increases in cargo space.

Tahoe: The leader expands with 66 percent more cargo space
Already America’s best-selling full-size SUV, accounting for more than 25 percent of the segment, the redesigned, fifth-generation 2021 Tahoe features substantially more usable space.  With a 4.9-inch (125 mm) longer wheelbase and a 6.7-inch (169 mm) increase in overall length compared to the current model, Tahoe offers 40 percent more third-row legroom and 66 percent greater cargo volume behind the third row. The space gain is achieved efficiently; while maximum cargo room increases 30 percent, Tahoe’s overall length increased less than 4 percent.

The 2021 Tahoe offers 25 percent more cargo room behind the third-row seat than the 2020 Ford Expedition (20.9 cubic feet).

 2020 Tahoe2021 TahoeChange
Wheelbase (inches)116120.9+4.9
Overall Length (inches)204210.7+6.7
Legroom – Second Row (inches)39.042.0+3
Legroom – Third Row (inches)24.834.9+10.1
Cargo Room Behind Third Row (cubic feet)15.325.5+10.2
Max Cargo Room (cubic feet)94.7122.9+28.2

Suburban: The legend advances with even more interior space

As the longest-running nameplate in automotive history at 85 years, Suburban established the segment and remains a trusted partner for customers who need maximum space. With a 4.1-inch (105 mm) increase in the wheelbase and a lower cargo floor, the new Suburban has the most passenger and cargo space of any SUV. Legroom increases for both the second- and third-row passengers, and maximum cargo volume expands 19 percent while Suburban’s overall length increases less than 1 percent.

 2020 Suburban2021 SuburbanChange
Wheelbase (inches)130134.1+4.1
Overall Length (inches)224.4225.7+1.3
Legroom – Second Row (inches)39.742+2.3
Legroom – Third Row (inches)34.536.7+2.2
Cargo Room Behind Third Row (cubic feet)39.341.1+1.8
Max Cargo Room (cubic feet)121.7144.7+23

For the first time, Tahoe and Suburban’s second-row seat can slide, adjusting approximately 5.5 inches (140 mm) forward or rearward. Both the second- and third-row seats also fold more easily, and the load floor is now both flatter and lower than prior models – improving the ease of loading and unloading. The rear-door openings for the Tahoe are also larger, thanks to the increase in wheelbase.

Compromise-free performance
The 2021 Tahoe and Suburban are powered by V-8 engines that are among the most advanced in Chevrolet’s history, as well as an all-new Duramax turbo-diesel engine. All are matched with a new 10-speed automatic transmission with electronic shift control.

A 5.3L V-8 rated at 355 horsepower (265 kilowatts) is standard on LS, LT, Z71, RST and Premier models; and a 6.2L V-8 rated at 420 horsepower (313 kW) is standard on High Country. Both feature industry-first Dynamic Fuel Management technology, with more than 12 modes of cylinder deactivation that are designed to optimize engine efficiency across a broad range of driving conditions, including when towing a trailer. The engines also feature automatic stop/start technology, direct injection and variable valve timing, which all contribute to the balance of performance and efficiency.

The optional Duramax 3.0L inline-six turbo-diesel is available on all models except Z71. It is a clean-sheet engine design developed for full-size truck and SUV applications, where torque means everything for confident, on-demand power and trailering capability. The Duramax is rated at 277 horsepower (207 kW) and a strong 460 lb-ft (623 Nm) of torque. No full-size SUV competitor offers a diesel engine. It is expected to give the new SUVs some of the highest fuel economy ratings in the segment.

Highly durable materials make up the 3.0L Duramax’s critical components, including iron cylinder liners within the aluminum engine block, a forged steel crankshaft and connecting rods, and blended silicon/aluminum pistons for greater heat resistance and reduced expansion.

Because trailering is important to many full-size SUV customers, the new Tahoe and Suburban include new trailering technologies pioneered by the Silverado pickups. A Max Trailering package is available and includes a high-capacity radiator and cooling fan, an integrated trailer brake controller, a Hitch Guidance with Hitch View feature and the Chevrolet trailering app. Tahoe and Suburban drivers will have up to nine camera views – more than any competitive full-size SUV.

The available features are designed to help improve the trailering experience with easier hitching using rear camera guidelines, bolstering confidence when towing a trailer. Additional features include a trailering app with trailer profiles, trailer tire pressure and temperature monitoring and Side Blind Zone Alert1 for trailering.

Tahoe and Suburban will have Chevy’s industry-first trailering label that is located on the driver’s side door jamb. This label provides customers with the information necessary to calculate their vehicle’s exact capacities.

Most advanced available suspension in the segment
To improve the driving experience, engineers for the 2021 Tahoe and Suburban developed an all-new chassis that integrates the longer wheelbase spans and the independent multilink rear suspension. In addition, the all-new models offer both the Air Ride Adaptive Suspension system and Magnetic Ride Control – not offered by any competitor – that deliver even greater body control.

“I think the most impressive aspect of the all-new Tahoe and Suburban is how well they handle,” said Herrick. “Despite being big, they offer responsive, confidence-inspiring handling that will change expectations for the full-size SUV driving experience.”

The independent multilink rear suspension fundamentally transforms the driving dynamics of the Tahoe and Suburban, allowing each rear wheel to handle road conditions separately to dramatically enhance ride quality, steering responsiveness and overall driver control, compared to the previous live axle design.

Tahoe and Suburban’s new multilink independent rear suspension, which is composed of three lateral arms, a large longitudinal arm, coil springs and a robust stabilizer bar, offers the ride sophistication and isolating characteristics typically associated with smaller vehicles, but scaled for the superior capability requirements of full-size SUVs.

The Air Ride Adaptive Suspension is available on High Country and Z71 models and delivers automatic load-leveling and ride-height adjustment. The ride-height can adjust up to 4 inches (101 mm). In highway driving, the system automatically lowers the ride height ¾-inch (19 mm) to improve aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. A driver-selectable setting lowers the suspension 2 inches (51 mm) to aid passenger entry and exit when the vehicle is parked. Drivers can also raise the body for additional ground clearance when driving off-road by 1 inch (25 mm) at low speeds in 4WD HI, and an additional 1 inch (25 mm) at lower speeds in 4WD LO.

Tahoe and Suburban feature one of the industry’s most sophisticated chassis technologies in Magnetic Ride Control, which is standard on Premier and High Country, and available on Z71. It is one of the fastest-reacting damping systems in the industry, using sensors to continually “read” the road and alter the damping rate of the shocks almost instantly. It reacts much faster than traditional shock absorbers to reduce bouncing, body roll and vibrations that can often resonate in a large SUV.

Expanded range of standard and available safety technologies
Chevrolet is expanding key safety and driver awareness features for the all-new Tahoe and Suburban, with Automatic Emergency Braking1 standard on all models. A recent study by University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute analyzed the effectiveness of active safety technologies, showing dramatic reductions in certain types of crashes on vehicles equipped with advanced safety features, including a 21 percent reduction in crashes with Forward Collision Alert.

Tahoe and Suburban have 30 safety and driver convenience technologies, just some of which include:

  • Restraint system with driver inboard seat-mounted side-impact airbag2 and Passenger Sensing System
  • HD Rear Vision Camera1
  • Automatic Emergency Braking1
  • Forward Collision Alert1
  • Following Distance Indicator1
  • Front Pedestrian Braking1
  • Rear Park Assist1
  • IntelliBeam automatic headlamp control1
  • Hitch Guidance for trailering1

Available technologies include new HD Surround Vision1, new Rear Pedestrian Alert1, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert with enhancements for trailering, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning1, Front and Rear Park Assist1 and Head-Up Display.1

Unprecedented connectivity and configurability
The all-new Tahoe and Suburban’s interiors have larger displays, more connectivity options and a new rear-seat media system designed to keep even the most tech-savvy family members satisfied throughout their road trips.

The Chevrolet infotainment system3 is the centerpiece and it leads major competitors with a large, 10-inch-diagonal color touchscreen. It’s one of five connected and configurable screens offered in the redesigned SUVs:

  • Chevrolet infotainment system3 with a 10-inch-diagonal color touchscreen is standard
  • An 8-inch-diagonal, configurable color instrument and information cluster is standard on Premier and High Country; a 4.2-inch-diagonal color driver information center is standard on LS, LT, RST and Z71
  • A 15-inch diagonal Head-Up Display, not offered by competitors, with a 3 x 7-inch color display is standard on High Country and available on Premier
  • An available rear-seat media package includes dual 12.6-inch-diagonal LCD touchscreens

The new rear-seat media system in Tahoe and Suburban will be the most advanced and capable in the full-size SUV segment. In addition to their 12.6-inch size, the rear screens are positioned for optimal view for both second- and third-row passengers. Each rear screen offers independent connections, so passengers can watch different content on each side. Additionally, rear passengers can share content from one screen to the other, mirror content from an Android phone to a screen and “send” navigation points of interest, like restaurant suggestions or pit stop locations, to the central infotainment screen up front.

The new Tahoe and Suburban also feature a built-in Wi-Fi® Hotspot with available 4G LTE data (3GB or 1-month data trial, whichever occurs first)5, Apple CarPlay,6 and Android Auto7 capability, multiple USB charging ports8 and, on all models except LS, wireless charging9 with charger cooling.

Digital platform for today’s technologies and tomorrow’s challenges
Tahoe and Suburban’s higher level of technology is enabled by an all-new digital vehicle platform. This next-generation system has five times more data-processing power than the system in current models. It not only drives the new technologies with incredible speed, but is designed to support vehicle health monitoring and the ability for over-the-air updates – with ample bandwidth to add future technologies not yet offered.

The new digital platform includes industry-leading cybersecurity protections as well.

Bigger, bolder proportions
Chevy Truck designers created an entirely new look for Tahoe and Suburban, with a bolder stance and proportions. Six distinctive models double the trim lineup for 2021 Tahoe and Suburban, giving customers more choices and enabling designers to explore distinctive personalities across the range. Each version has a more dynamic appearance made possible by the new architecture. 

“The longer proportions enabled us to add more sophistication and surface detail,” said Phil Zak, executive design director, Chevrolet. “The design builds on what generations of owners have known and loved about the Tahoe and Suburban and gives them more, with confident, bolder stances that remain reassuringly familiar, but with greater detail than ever before.”

The all-new interior was specifically designed to take advantage of the class-leading space and technology features, with a mission to create the ultimate road trip environment. The interior is brighter thanks to expanded glass areas – including an available panoramic sunroof and class-leading display technologies – and more refined with premium materials.

Additional design highlights include:

  • Standard LED headlamps and LED taillamps
  • Active front grille shutters that close at certain times on the highway to enhance aerodynamics
  • Dual exhaust on Premier and High Country (with gas engine)
  • Nine exterior colors, including three all-new colors: Empire Beige Metallic, Cherry Bomb Tintcoat and Darkmoon Blue Metallic (some color choices will be premium options)
  • Standard 18-inch wheels on LS and LT; 20-inch polished aluminum wheels on Premier, 20-inch wheels with all-terrain tires on Z71; and 22-inch wheels on RST and High Country

Customers have more choices with six trim levels for Tahoe and Suburban, more than any SUV competitor. The standard LS and up-level LT trims form the basis of the lineup, with the additional trims not only providing more features, but also carrying distinct personalities, including:

  • RST: Consistently strong response from Chevy Truck buyers encouraged designers to further emphasize the street-inspired character of the RST. The unique front fascia includes a black ice finish on the grille, while the interior includes RST-specific seats with stitching in a contrasting color. RST models include all LT content, plus black and black-chrome exterior trim, 22-inch wheels and more.
  • Z71: Chevy’s legendary off-road focused Z71 was a driving force in the design of the new SUVs, in terms of appearance and capability. Z71 now includes more unique visual and performance attributes than ever before. The Z71 front fascia not only signals ruggedness, it also has a higher approach angle to aid off-road capability. 4WD is standard and includes a two-speed transfer case and Hill Descent Control, along with 20-inch wheels, all-terrain tires, front skid plate and red tow hooks. Z71 features black and black-chrome exterior accents.
  • Premier: Focusing on premium equipment and technology, Premier adds features such as Magnetic Ride Control, navigation, an 8-inch-diagonal reconfigurable instrument cluster, premium Bose 10-speaker audio system, 12-way power vented and perforated front bucket seats, power releases for both rows of rear seats, heated steering wheel, Safety Alert Seat1, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone Alert¹, Rear Cross Traffic Alert1, Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning1, Front and Rear Park Assist1 and 20-inch wheels.
  • High Country: New for Tahoe and Suburban is Chevy Truck’s top-level model, customized with premium features. The design is highlighted by a unique grille with bronze accents and High Country badging. The interior includes High Country sill plates, seat embroidery, and expanded color and trim choices. High Country features the 6.2L V-8 engine with Magnetic Ride Control, 22-inch wheels with chrome inserts, and adds Rear Pedestrian Alert1, Head-Up Display, HD Surround Vision and the Rear Camera Mirror.1 Air Ride Adaptive Suspension and Adaptive Cruise Control1 are available.

Coming in mid-2020 from Arlington, Texas
The redesigned SUVs go on sale in mid-2020 in North America, with availability in other regions to follow. The all-new Tahoe and Suburban will be manufactured at GM’s Arlington, Texas assembly facility, which has received more than $1.4 billion in investments since 2015. The Arlington plant employs approximately 4,800 hourly and salaried personnel, and was recently upgraded with a new paint shop, body shop and additional assembly quality improvements to support the production of the new SUVs.

1Safety or driver assistance features are no substitute for the driver’s responsibility to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. The driver should remain attentive to traffic, surroundings and road conditions at all times. Visibility, weather, and road conditions may affect feature performance. Read the vehicle’s owner’s manual for more important feature limitations and information.
2Always use seat belts and child restraints. Children are safer when properly secured in a rear seat in the appropriate child restraint. See your vehicle Owner’s Manual for more information.
3Chevrolet Infotainment System functionality varies by model. Full functionality requires compatible Bluetooth and smartphone, and USB connectivity for some devices.
4Map coverage available in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.
5Service varies with conditions and location. Requires active service plan and paid AT&T data plan. See for details and limitations. Properly equipped vehicles receive 1 month or 3GB of 4G LTE data (whichever comes first). Availability subject to change.
6Vehicle user interface is a product of Apple and its terms and privacy statements apply. Requires compatible iPhone and data plan rates apply. Apple CarPlay is a trademark of Apple Inc. Siri, iPhone and iTunes are trademarks for Apple Inc, registered in the U.S. and other countries.
7Vehicle user interface is a product of Google and its terms and privacy statements apply. Requires the Android Auto app on Google Play and an Android compatible smartphone running Android™ 5.0 Lollipop or higher. Data plan rates apply. Android Auto is a trademark of Google LLC.
8Not compatible with all devices.
8The system wirelessly charges one PMA- or Qi-compatible mobile device. Some phones have built-in wireless charging technology and others require a special adaptor/back cover. To check for phone or other device compatibility, see or consult your carrier.

Founded in 1911 in Detroit, Chevrolet is one of the world’s largest car brands, doing business in more than 100 countries and selling more than 4.0 million cars and trucks a year. Chevrolet provides customers with fuel-efficient vehicles that feature engaging performance, design that makes the heart beat, passive and active safety features and easy-to-use technology, all at a value. More information on Chevrolet models can be found at



Type:5.3L V-8 VVT DI with Dynamic Fuel Management and Stop/Start
Bore & Stroke        
(in / mm):
3.78 x 3.62 / 96 x 92
Block & Cylinder Head Material:Cast aluminum
Valvetrain:Overhead valve, two valves per cylinder, variable valve timing
Fuel Delivery:Direct high-pressure fuel injection with Dynamic Fuel Management
(hp / kW @ rpm):
355 / 265 @ 5600 (SAE certified)
(lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):
383 / 519 @ 4100 (SAE certified)
Type:6.2L V-8 VVT DI with Dynamic Fuel Management and Stop/Start
Bore & Stroke (in / mm):4.06 x 3.62 / 103.25 x 92
Block & Cylinder Head Material:Cast aluminum
Valvetrain:Overhead valve, two valves per cylinder, variable valve timing
Fuel Delivery:Direct high-pressure fuel injection with Dynamic Fuel Management
(hp / kW @ rpm):
420 / 313 @ 5600 (SAE certified)
(lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):
460 / 623 @ 4100 (SAE certified)
Type:3.0L DOHC I-6 Turbo-Diesel
Bore & Stroke (in / mm):3.30 x 3.54 / 84 x 90
Block & Cylinder Head Material:Cast aluminum
Valvetrain:Dual-overhead camshafts, four valves per cylinder
Fuel Delivery:High-pressure, common-rail direct injection (36,250 psi / 2500 bar); electronic throttle valve
(hp / kW @ rpm):
277 / 207 @ 3750 (GM estimated)
(lb-ft / Nm @ rpm):
460 / 623 @ 1500 (GM estimated)


Type:Hydra-Matic 10L80 10-speed automatic
Final Drive Ratio:3.23 (with all engines)


Front Suspension:Independent coil-over-shocks and stabilizer bar; available Air Ride Adaptive Suspension and Magnetic Ride Control
Rear Suspension:Independent multilink with coil-over shocks and stabilizer bar; available Air Ride Adaptive Suspension and Magnetic Ride Control
Steering Type:Electric power-assisted rack-and-pinion
Brake Type:Four-wheel disc with ABS; vented front and rear DuralifeTM rotors
Wheel Size:18-in aluminum (standard)
20-in aluminum (available)
22-in aluminum (available)
Tires:P265/65R18 all-season
P275/60R20 all-season or all-terrain
P275/50R22 all-season


(in / mm):
120.9 / 3071134.1 / 3407
Overall Length
(in / mm):
210.7 / 5351225.7 / 5732
Overall Width
(in / mm):
81.0 / 205881.1 / 2059
Overall Height
(in / mm):
75.9 / 192775.7 / 1923
Track (in / mm):68.5 / 1741 (front)
68.3 / 1734 (rear)
68.5 / 1741 (front)
68.3 / 1734 (rear)


(in / mm):
42.3 / 1074 (first row)
38.9 / 988 (second row)
38.2 / 970 (third row)
42.3 / 1074 (first row)
38.8 / 988 (second row)
38.2 / 970 (third row)
(in / mm):
44.5 / 1131 (first row)
42 / 1068 (second row)
34.9 / 886 (third row)
44.5 / 1131 (first row)
42 / 1068 (second row)
36.7 / 933 (third row)
EPA Passenger Volume
(cu ft / L):
168.4 / 4768170.4 / 4826
Cargo Volume^
(cu ft / L):
122.9 / 3479 (behind first row)
72.7 / 2058 (behind second row)
25.5 / 722 (behind third row)
144.7 / 4097 (behind first row)
92.9 / 2632 (behind second row)
41.1 / 1164 (behind third row)

s^Cargo and load capacity limited by weight and distribution.