Yamaha Motor announced today that its new model, the TRICITY 300 LMW equipped with a water-cooled, 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, 292cm3 “BLUE CORE” engine will be on display at the EICMA (International Motorcycle Exhibition) in Milan, Italy from November 5.

TRICITY300 is designed and positioned as a middle class LMW in line with the concept of “The Smartest Commuting Way.” Providing comfort coupled with a sense of security for urban commuting, the TRICITY300 combines LMW technology2 that produces excellent stability and natural handling when turning, and the powerful “BLUE CORE” engine with its excellent environmental performance.

Further, the TRICITY300 is the first production motorcycle from Yamaha to feature a Tilt-lock Assist system to help the vehicle remain upright, adding a new layer of comfort and riding convenience. Based on Yamaha Motor’s long-term vision “ART for Human Possibilities,” this new model is part of the company’s growth strategy as we head to 2030. In “Transforming Mobility,” one of the company’s specific focus areas3, we aim to help expand the world of mobility by providing fun and peace of mind with LMW technology.

In addition to TRICITY300, we will also exhibit our automatic sports commuter TMAX560 (scheduled to be released in Japan from next spring) at EICMA, this model has been upgraded with a 562cm3 engine and a new design around the rear.