The champions of the World Surf League (WSL) are in Europe to challenge one another in the French and Portuguese competitions of the Championship Tour. The first event was in Hossegor (France), from October 3rd to 13th (the “Quiksilver Pro France”). Now it is on to Peniche (Portugal) where the “MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal” is scheduled from October 16th to 28th.

Starring in these events are the Jeep® and Mopar® brands, the latter being the FCA brand dedicated to aftersales products and services for all the vehicles of the Group. In both locations, the brands introduce the general public to their close bond with surfing culture and the world of customisation, shared by both surfers and Jeep enthusiasts. In particular, the new Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar, on display during the events in France and Portugal, epitomises the passion for customisation and the need to transfer one’s personality on to the vehicle you are driving, thus confirming Wrangler’s reputation as the most customised Jeep vehicle in the world.

Passion for personalization
To further emphasise the passion and expertise of Jeep SUV owners in terms of customisation, a Mopar corner has been set up inside the Jeep area, named “Mopar Garage”: a real workshop in which visitors can admire the exclusive surf boards personalised with the original stencils created by artists and surfers Anais Schmitt and Beatriz Neves, who specialise in creating graphic works for the world of surfing with spray paint.
Their work focuses on the importance of knowing how to treat, wax and maintain a surf board in perfect condition. But also how to give it a personal touch, particularly the fin, an extremely important element as it provides stability, control and direction to the surf board, and helps surfers to maintain the speed and “cut” the waters. An attitude that is fully reflected in the mission of Mopar in the field of vehicle maintenance and customisation, and which finds its expression in the Mopar Garage through the personalisation of fins and boards that the artists will perform on site. The workshop also offers the possibility to take a closer look at the range of wheel covers created by Mopar for Wrangler and the specific surf carrier. In addition, as further proof of the affinity with the world of surfing and its enthusiasts, the Mopar accessories range also features a number of specific products for surfers, including roof rails, and a surf carrier to safely transport the surf boards, and rubber mats and cargo liner that allow Jeep owners to carry wet clothing or gear. To appeal to all outdoor enthusiasts, the Mopar catalogue also offers a tent that surfers can use to camp out on the beach.

Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar®
In the centre of the display area visitors can also take a closer look at the new Jeep Wrangler 1941 designed by Mopar®. Wrangler 1941 is a four-wheel drive vehicle with 100% street legal trim, fitted with Jeep Performance Parts to enhance its legendary off road capability. The specific configuration of this vehicle includes a 2-inch factory lift kit, performance rock rails, black door sill guard, splash guards, black fuel door, all-weather mats and a snorkel (on request). The design ‘kit’ is enhanced with the 1941 graphic on the bonnet, commemorating a symbolic date for the Jeep brand, the launch of Willys, with further references also featured on other details of the vehicle, such as the wheels, gear knob and tailgate table. It will be available from November on the Wrangler 2.2 diesel 2- and 4-door versions and on the Sport, Sahara and Rubicon trims.

Jeep brand and the World Surf League: a global partnership
The European events of the prestigious WSL World Championship Tour only account for a small part of the initiatives planned in the global partnership between the Jeep brand and the World Surf League, based on a number of shared values: authenticity, freedom, passion and adventure, and the affinity between the pursuit of the perfect wave and the pleasure of driving off-road. First announced in May 2015, this global multi-year agreement established the Jeep brand as the first-ever exclusive automotive partner of the WSL Championship Tour.

The partnership with WSL further strengthens the connection between the Jeep brand and the world of surfing that started in France in 2010, with the sponsorship of the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France. Surfing perfectly represents the Jeep values and the spirit of freedom, passion and adventure that distinguish all the SUVs of the legendary American brand. The sense of being at one with the environment and nature, and the desire to go beyond everyone’s limits. This is the fascination of surfing, which is not just a dynamic sport, but a distinctive lifestyle. The Jeep brand shares with all fans of surfing the desire to experience emotions to the full, in a more authentic and independent way. Just as surfers on the waves use their skill to “dance” with the forces of the sea, each one of the Jeep vehicles is capable of overcoming any obstacle thanks to the use of a technology developed over almost 80 years of driving on the most extreme terrains on the planet.