The Autumn break is just around the corner – and with it comes an end to the camping and caravanning season.

But before it’s too cold, there is time for one last big trip: Whether you take the caravan all the way to Lake Garda in Italy, or spend a long weekend camping close to your hometown – the Golf, Germany’s most popular compact car, is a great towing vehicle. This is due to its high trailer weight capacity of up to 1,800 kg, which is enough for most large caravans.

The Golf makes it easy to operate trailers: The optional hitch is mounted directly on the vehicle, but can be folded and stored invisibly in the car floor when it is not in use. During the journey, the safe handling of the Golf demonstrates its skills as a towing vehicle. Its electronic stabilisation programme also includes a trailer stabilisation system. It can prevent the caravan from rocking, or even jackknifing, with calculated braking interventions on the towing vehicle. When parked, the optional anti-theft alarm also monitors the trailer – if the power connections are unhitched without authorisation, the system is set off.

For inexperienced drivers, reversing with a trailer is the biggest challenge. Volkswagen has developed a driver assistance system called “Trailer Assist” to help with this. By using the same lever as the one controlling the position of the rear-view mirror, the desired angle can be set with “Trailer Assist” before manoeuvring. The system assumes control of the trailer position (within the limitations of the steering system) by constantly measuring the angle of draw bar to the vehicle. A practical feature especially for caravans which are difficult to handle using the exterior mirrors because of their width: When using “Trailer Assist”, every trailer or caravan is parked expertly at the first attempt.