Türkiye’nin Otomobili Girişim Grubu (TOGG), established to make Turkey’s 60-year dream come true and become Turkey’s first global mobility brand by leading the transformation of Turkey’s automotive industry. TOGG unveiled its early stage prototype C-SUV and a concept Sedan at a public event held at IT Valley in Gebze, Turkey.

The C-SUV launch in 2022 will position TOGG as Europe’s first non-conventional battery electric SUV manufacturer. In addition to being a born-electric BEV with zero emission, the C-SUV is going to be a smart car with best-in-class features such as the longest wheelbase, the most spacious interior, the best acceleration performance and the lowest total cost of ownership.


Turkey’s automobile is being developed on a genuine, born-electric platform built by TOGG engineers and designers, with intellectual property rights 100% owned by Turkey. As part of the design process; a total of 18 design houses from Turkey and abroad were assessed objectively in line with 6 different criteria set by TOGG. TOGG Design Team, including experienced Turkish designer Murat Günak, shortlisted 3 design houses with the highes scores. The short-listed design houses, which were briefed with insights from a comprehensive Turkish consumer survey, provided 2D design alternatives for the contest.

The design contest completed in 4 stages and lasted for 6 months During this period, over 100 different themes were evaluated and further consumer insights were provided to the design houses as feedback. One exterior and one interior design from each shortliste house were tested with potential car buyers in Turkey. The results were also evaluated by the TOGG Design Team on engineering compatibility. After these stages, Italian design hous Pininfarina, among the best in the world, was selected as a strategic partner and the 3 design phase kicked-off.


Driven by the Turkish consumer insights, joint work of the TOGG Design Team and Pininfarina converged into an authentic design language appealing to both Turkish and global taste.

Genuine and Modern Exterior Design

The distinctive and sharp lines shaping the C-SUV and concept Sedan models express the robust and powerful character of the automobiles, while forming the design DNA of the product range that is to expand in the coming years.

The distinctive character lines of the SUV; express a fluent continuity which gives Turkey’s automobile a genuine and modern look. The design and positioning of the headlights give the vehicle its penetrating looks, while the chrome details that shape the front grille underlines the prestigious appearance with its continuity along the side and rear design.