Maximum flexibility and minimum risk when buying a truck – the new “Rent&Buy” program from Mercedes-Benz CharterWay offers customers the option of buying a rented Actros as a “newer used vehicle”.

This new program supports the customers even better with their individual mobility, fleet and procurement strategy. “Rent&Buy” does not oblige customers to buy a truck, but facilitates the option of renting vehicles fast and flexibly when transportation orders fluctuate or drivers are in short supply, thus avoiding the risk of idle vehicles. At the customer’s request trucks can be bought or financed after a minimum rental period of one month.

The benefit for customers is the opportunity to buy a familiar used vehicle – this way a used vehicle holds no surprises. In addition, customers can see for themselves whether a truck is suitable for individual transportation jobs before buying it. It is not just new customers who benefit from “Rent&Buy”, but also customers who already have current rental contracts who can now decide to keep their rental truck in their own fleet.