Subaru Canada, Inc. (SCI) is proud to announce that two 2020 models have won top segment awards from the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC). Announced at the Montreal International Auto Show today, the Legacy took the honours for Best Large Car in Canada for 2020, while the Outback was recognized in the high-profile Best Mid-Size Utility Vehicle in Canada segment.

“AJAC’s Canadian Car of the Year category award winners are those vehicles deemed by our members to be the best suited to the realities of driving in Canada,” said Stephanie Wallcraft, President of AJAC. “AJAC members comprise the largest collective group of automotive journalism expertise in the country, and they take pride in providing assessments that are objective, fair and based on real-world road-testing experience.”

The winners were selected from across 51 entries, including last year’s category winners and this year’s next-generation or significantly updated vehicles, and voting data was collected anonymously from more than 1,200 ballots. AJAC journalists from Vancouver to Halifax drove the vehicles during a six-month evaluation period in the same conditions experienced by Canadian drivers every day.

“We build our vehicles for Canadian roads and Canadian conditions,” said SCI chairman, president and CEO Yasushi Enami. “It makes us very proud to win awards from such a distinguished organization as AJAC.”

The two winners from Subaru together with winners in ten other categories now qualify to be named 2020 Canadian Car of the Year or 2020 Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year. These awards will be presented as part of the opening ceremonies for the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto on February 13, 2020.