The Z900 maintains its distinctive Sugomi design elements that consist of a crouching stance, low-positioned head and upswept tail. For 2020, the eye-catching styling benefits include a number of updates that make its aggressive design even sharper. New shrouds, fuel tank cover, under cowls, and the silver swingarm pivot cover are all more compact, contributing to a sharper image.

A new LED headlamp consists of LED position lamps that give it an image distinct from Kawasaki’s other Z supernaked models. The position lamps have a textured surface that allows them to be shown as a whole illuminated shape. The new design is more compact with sharper edges.

LED lighting is used to illuminate the headlamp, position lamps, taillight, and license pate lamp. The turn signals feature bulb-type lighting.

A new, large 4.3” all-digital TFT color instrumentation gives the cockpit a high-tech and high-grade appearance. The new instrumentation offers additional features that were unavailable on the previous model. The high-grade full color display features TFT (thin-film transistor) technology, helping deliver a high level of visibility. A selectable background color is offered (black or white) and screen brightness automatically switches between three rider-set levels to suit available light.

The liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve 948cc inline four-cylinder engine offers impressive power and strong torque. Designed to complement the chassis, with a lightweight, strong engine with plenty of torque, the 73.4 x 56.0 mm bore and stroke create an engine design that exemplifies the thrill of acceleration.

The exhaust system features a four-into-one layout, with joint pipes linking the exhaust headers (headers 1-4, 2-3 are linked) contributing to strong mid-range torque. The silencer’s dual-chamber internal construction contributes to performance as well as the exhaust note.

Use of stainless steel material on the end-cap and silencer cover adds a high-quality feel, while contributing to a stylish design that looks compact and light.

Short gear ratios for first through fifth gears contribute to the Z900 motorcycle’s strong acceleration in the rpm range used in everyday riding, while sixth gear is a true overdrive gear.

The Assist and Slipper clutch on the Z900 borrows from engineering knowledge learned on the race track and from the Ninja H2™R and Ninja® ZX™-10R motorcycles. The clutch uses two types of cams (an assist cam and a slipper cam).

The Kawasaki TRaction Control (KTRC) featured on the Z900 motorcycle has three modes for riders to choose from. Mode 1 is the least intrusive with sport riding in mind, Mode 2 offers earlier intervention and is a balance of sport riding support and enhanced rider confidence, and Mode 3 is the most intrusive by allowing riders to navigate challenging road conditions with confidence.