Karma, the Southern California-based high-tech mobility incubator and creator of luxury electric vehicles, and VOXX Automotive, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of electronic products for the world’s automakers, have partnered to demonstrate an important evolution in keyless entry and to showcase interior lighting systems that could help provide added vehicle customization.

A 2020 Karma Revero GT luxury electric vehicle will be featured in VOXX Automotive’s booth at the 2020 Consumer Electronic Show (Central Hall, Booth #13517), showcasing VOXX’s eFob Phone-as-a-Key (PAAK) technology. eFob allows owners to access, drive and share their vehicle seamlessly using a smartphone and an eFob-enabled Bluetooth mobile application and infrastructure. eFob is a new innovative technology that provides vehicle owners the confidence knowing the system affords bank-level encryption and cybersecurity.

“VOXX Automotive has been a leader in remote start and security products for decades.  Over the past few years, we have been investing in product innovation, working to leverage new technology applications for OEM’s that improves security and optimizes the use of smart devices. eFob is our new solution and we are excited to be working with the Karma team to bring this new advanced technology to market,” said Ed Mas, President of VOXX Automotive.

In addition to eFob, Karma and VOXX Automotive also collaborated on new ways to personalize a luxury vehicle with enhanced entry lighting by creating illuminated sill plates that could be customized with different themes. The Revero GT features sill plates with an illuminated Karma logo, however, future options could be personalized to meet different styles and wording based on the tailored requests from its customers.

“Karma is a high-tech incubator; an open platform, a test bed for emerging innovation, and a supplier to others who need our engineering, design, customization and manufacturing resources to speed their product development or add Karma’s signature luxury offerings,” said Karma CEO Dr. Lance Zhou. “Our collaboration with VOXX Automotive shows how our luxury EV platform can be used to demonstrate and prove innovative emerging technologies.”

The 2020 Revero product line will be offered in two variants – Revero GT, Karma’s definitive luxury electric vehicle currently in production and available through Karma’s North American retail network, and Revero GTS, a performance version beginning production in Q1 of 2020.