Switching from gasoline-powered cars to electric ones like the Volkswagen ID.4 can raise all sorts of concerns for those who are new to EVs. That’s why Volkswagen of America created “Electric Like I’m Five” – a video series hosted by a Volkswagen EV expert and his daughter who answer some of the most frequently asked questions about electric vehicles.

The series was spurred by a Reddit thread with over 700 comments from EV-curious posters, about things like whether or not you need to change the electric motor’s oil, how regenerative braking systems work and what maintenance is like for an electric car. The two-minute videos feature Volkswagen Director of E-Mobility Dustin Krause and his daughter, Harper, who answer basic questions from how EVs can help reduce carbon emissions to how you take a road trip in one.

“We have a tremendous amount of interest in electric vehicles right now, and as a company we’re committed to leading the charge in EVs,” said Krause. “We know big changes can seem daunting, so Harper and I were happy to help address why EVs can make so much sense for so many people.”

Beyond the questions Dustin and Harper addressed, there were a few more popular ones, which we’re happy to tackle here:

Will an electric car become more cost effective to own than a gas car?

The less expensive running costs of electric cars can ultimately displace the higher upfront prices that drivers may pay when they buy electric vehicles – so essentially, you can get more bang for your buck after only a few years of owning the car. And many electric car buyers qualify for government incentives that help lower the cost even further.

The 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 includes three years of unlimited DC fast charging on the largest open charging network in North America – Electrify America. Additionally, owners or lessees of the ID.4 may qualify for  various federal  or state EV incentive programs, which ultimately could make the overall cost of buying an EV, such as the ID.4, more favorable.

Are there any routine maintenance procedures for electric vehicles?

The beauty of owning an electric vehicle means you avoid having to pay for things like engine tune-ups, oil changes or spark plugs. There are routine maintenance and service requirements for EVs, such as tires and cabin air filters, but generally the costs of maintenance are lower than gas-powered vehicles.

When purchasing the 2021 Volkswagen ID.4, you’ll receive three years of the Volkswagen 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program as well as two years of included Carefree Maintenance Program.

With winter approaching, what impact does cold weather have on electric vehicles?

Cold temperatures can affect EV range by a modest amount. Typically, a gas vehicle produces heat as a byproduct of creating energy, this in turn gets used for heating the cabin in winter. In an electric vehicle, where the motor uses most of its energy for propulsion, there’s no spare energy lying around to be used on interior climate control. Powering those heaters will take some extra energy from EV batteries, especially in temperatures below freezing. But the Volkswagen ID.4 EV was designed with several technologies meant to optimize heating efficiency while minimizing the impact cold temps will have on the vehicle, such as pre-heating, heated front seats and a heated steering wheel. The AWD trims also add a heated windshield as standard equipment.

For more information on electric vehicles and making the switch to EV, see here. If you think electric might be the right fit for you, take the VW ID.4 quiz and find out how you can move toward an EV future with Volkswagen.