Honda SH150 first hit the market in Europe in 2001 is practically a brand-new machine for 2020. Sleek, restyled bodywork and a redesigned frame bring over 50% more storage space; revised rear geometry makes for a more comfortable ride.

The new four-valve engine accelerates faster, is quicker at the top-end and returns greater fuel efficiency. It’s also EURO5 compliant and Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) is now a standard fit.

Making the SH150i better is no easy goal – it is one of Europe’s favourite scooters for a reason. But that was the job for Honda’s development engineers so more power, torque and fuel-efficiency from a new EURO5-compliant four-valve eSP+ engine was a good place to start. The addition of HSTC would also be a bonus for any owner’s peace of mind.
A redesigned frame frees up extra and ever-useful storage space (with the inclusion of a USB charger) and optimisation of the rear suspension geometry enhances comfort. And premium new bodywork and stylish front signature redefine yet reinforce the SH150i’s presence; all lighting is LED supported by crisply updated LCD instrumentation.

The SH150i’s new 156.9cc liquid-cooled four-valve eSP+ (‘enhanced Smart Power’) engine serves up faster acceleration, higher top speed and is more economical than the two-valve design it replaces.

Peak power of 11.9kW arrives 250rpm higher at 8,500rpm (from 10.9kW @ 8,250rpm) with 14.2Nm torque delivered at 6,500rpm (13.9Nm @ 7,000rpm). But the power and torque dyno curves graphically demonstrate how much stronger the new engine is, from 4,000rpm all the way up to 10,000rpm.

Two key goals drove the SH150i’s chassis redesign; extended storage space and improved comfort. The new high-tensile tubular steel underbone frame now sites the 7L fuel tank under the floor (it was below the pillion seat previously) beneath the rider’s feet which frees up 10L additional space. Wheelbase is 13mm longer at 1,353mm with rake and trail set at 26°/85mm. Seat height remains 799mm and wet weight is 400g lighter at 134.1kg.