In a video created to celebrate Halloween, Ford preyed on the natural curiosity of its staff by installing a scary jack-in-the-MegaBox surprise in the boot of a new Ford Puma crossover.

Ford staff are batty with anticipation about Puma, so when one was placed in the foyer of the company’s Essex-based headquarters, some unwitting victims wasted no time in exorcising their right to check it out. However, there was a shocking Halloween surprise waiting for them in Puma’s unique MegaBox rear storage space.

The MegaBox

Developed to meet and exceed customer requirements for practical luggage space, Puma’s innovative MegaBox provides a deep, versatile 80-litre storage space. Measuring 763 mm wide, 752 mm long and 305 mm deep, the MegaBox can house unstable items up to approximately 115 cm tall – such as houseplants – in an upright position. Alternatively, with the lid down, the space can be used to conceal dirty sports equipment or muddy Wellington boots. The MegaBox’s synthetic lining and drain plug in the bottom makes it easy to clean with water.

Adjustable Boot Floor
For even greater versatility, the Puma’s boot floor can be easily adjusted using just one hand to suit load requirements, and to hold one of three positions in the cargo area:
· In the lowest position, the maximum storage volume available while concealing the MegaBox is delivered
· In the high position, the area underneath increases to create a cargo floor that is level with the fold-flat second-row seats
· Removed, the floor can be securely stored vertically against the back of the second-row seats for full 456-litre capacity

The adjustable boot floor features a honeycomb structure inspired by the hexagon-shaped cells used in the construction of high-strength components for jet planes and supercars, for durability and strength.