After leaving Beaune and a short lunch in the typical French city of Ancy-le-Franc, the Bugatti parade arrived with great style in the French capital.

“Paris is the heart of France and is the capital of La Marque’s country”, Stephan Winkelmann, President of Bugatti, recalls. “This city has played an essential role in Ettore’s life and has always been a place of opportunities for pioneers in both the industry and the art sector.” 

The Bugatti family lived for many years in Paris – Carlo notably participated to the Universal Exposition, winning a silver medal for his furniture. Furthermore, some of the best customers of Ettore Bugatti came from Paris. This is why the city was an important stop for a Grand Tour celebrating the 110 years of Bugatti.

The chosen stopping place was the Place Vendôme, central square and address of the famous Hôtel Ritz of Paris. All the cars were parked on the square, offering an extraordinary sight for any modern hyper sports car enthusiast.

The participants continued to live a magical evening in Paris with a diner on a ship on the river Seine, a unique point of view on the capital. The city had indeed a lot to offer to Ettore.