Audi is inviting pioneers, visionaries and technical experts from all over the world to Beijing for the third MQ! Innovation Summit to discuss new approaches to innovation topics and the mobility of the future. Sustainability, electric mobility, artificial intelligence, automated driving: These are some of the main topics that will be addressed in keynote speeches and examined in workshops with all the participants.

The expected keynote speakers include Kai-Fu Lee, an expert in artificial intelligence and author of the book AI Superpowers; Derek Haoyang Li, founder of Squirrel AI Learning; and Peggy Liu, founder and chairperson of JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration on Clean Energy), a non-governmental organization that has been at the heart of the greening of China.

In thirteen different workshops, the summit participants will dive deeper into the topics and work on specific questions: What does the right charging infrastructure for electric cars look like in Asia’s metropolises? How is the mobile ecosystem developing in China? How are we using swarm intelligence and augmented reality? The intercultural aspect is at the focus of this year’s MQ! Innovation Summit: Most of the workshops will be held with mixed international teams or will highlight topics that are particularly relevant for Asia, such as the specific needs of Chinese customers. Throughout the event, there will be opportunities to share thoughts and to network.

On the second day of the MQ!, the participants’ best ideas will be announced at the Innovation Lab of Audi China. This is the highpoint of the initiative, which since July has called upon developers to submit innovative ideas for the open source platform “Audi connect.”

Audi established the MQ! Innovation Summit three years ago in order to discuss the mobility quotient (MQ) as a measure of the mobility of a person or organization with experts from the fields of business and science. The MQ includes not only spatial mobility in its calculation, but also the factors of time, society and sustainability.